Jekeli, C., & Kwon, J. H. (2002). Geoid profile determination by direct integration of GPS inertial navigation system vector gravimetry. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012)107(B10), ETG-3.5-1.jpg

24 On the effect of stochastic gravity models in airborne vector gravimetry file 1192
23 Topographic optimal network design of the unified control points in Korea file 1072
22 Optimal Integration of Single-Baseline GPS Solutions in Network-Based Kinematic Positioning file 1088
21 The offset of the South Korean vertical datum from a global geoid file 1787
20 Update of the precision geoid determination in Korea file 11456
19 Effect of stochastic ionospheric delay modeling for GPS ambiguity resolution file 7546
18 New Affine Transformation Parameters for the Horizonal Network of Seoul/Korea By Multivariatetls-Adjustment file 25668
17 Using gravith and topography-implied anomalies to assess data requirements for precise geoid computation file 11086
16 Effects of gravity data quality and spacing on the accuracy of the geoid in South Korea file 11546
15 Efficient GPS receiver DCB estimation for ionosphere modeling using satellite-receiver geometry changes file 5695
14 An alternative Measure of Public Transport Accessibility Based on Space Syntax file 4821
13 On the computation of Ultra-High-Degree Spherical Harmonic Series file 10590
12 Modeling Errors in Upward Continuation for INS Gravity Compensation file 16188
11 Efficient LEO Dynamic Orbit Determination with Triple Differenced GPS Carrier Phases file 6036
10 Multi-Sensor Personal Navigator: System Design and Calibration file 16015
9 Geodetic Datum Transformation to the Global Geocentric Datum for Seas and Islands around Korea file 14349
8 Gravity Requirements for Compensation of Ultra-Precise Inertial Navigation file 35770
7 Triple Difference Approach to Low Earth Orbiter Precision Orbit Determination file 20318
6 A Bayes Filter in Friedland Form for INS/GPS Vector Gravimetry file 24993
» Geoid Profile Determination by Direct Integration of GPS/INS vector gravimetry file 7395
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